Come together with The Beatles :)

A bit of nostalgia

Most of my friends think that people like me are twisted on classic music and generally a bit loony. Let me assure you, we are just like you 🙂 And although Bach, Beethoven, Shubert and Tchaikovsky are on my VIP composer list, that doesn’t mean I have no ear for contemporary music. For instance, I love old-school rock. My favorite rock band is The Beatles. My parents (who used to be hippies in their youth, by the way) had dozens of vinyls that kept circling on our old record player 24/7. I remember some of the songs since I was around five. ‘Let It Be’ was actually the first song I learned playing on piano 🙂 My mom had a shabby keyboard (which nobody played 🙂 and I used to spend hours tinkling the ivories and picking the tunes I heard. That’s how my piano career started 🙂

Painted music

When we talk about The Beatles, we talk about the whole band, but actually mean one person – John Lennon. This extraordinary person was the mastermind and true soul of the group. He may not have been the best singer or guitarist in the world, but he had something much more precious – great talent and that incredible understanding of music one can only be born with. Lennon wrote my three favorite songs by The Beatles:

  • Come Together
  • Happiness Is a Warm Gun
  • Strawberry Fields Forever

What can I say, he’s my music idol! When I was a teenager, I used to have plenty of Beatles posters covering the walls of my room (luckily, my folks never scolded me for that 🙂 But yesterday (got it? 🙂 I found something even better – very cool John Lennon paintings here. I’m not very well-versed in visual arts, but I loved them immediately! The vibrant colors and a bit freaky style are so… well, Beatles! That’s probably how my folks saw John at their famous gig at Shea Stadium after taking a couple of magic pills 🙂 The artist (his name is Leonid Afremov, by the way) managed to capture the very essence of The Beatles: colorful, bright and simply incredible! I just couldn’t keep my finger from clicking the ‘Purchase’ button 🙂 Can’t wait for my new ‘poster’ to arrive! So if you want to decorate your room with a portrait of John Lennon, canvas paintings by Leonid Afremov will do just perfect!


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