Music everywear (pun intended :)

What comes to your mind when you hear about musical instruments? Piano, guitar, drums, perhaps saxophone or cello… But the world keeps turning and music keeps turning with it 🙂 Every year, new instruments spring to life, some of them totally amazing and some utterly weird. And even if you are not a professional musician, there are plenty of cool musical gadgets to have fun with. For instance, check out this piano tie It’s actually playable! Whenever you put it on, you are wearing a portable keyboard on your neck. Of course, it features only 8 keys, but that’s enough to tinkle popular tunes we all know and love. Isn’t that just marvelous? You can take music everywhere with you looking hip and stylish 🙂 Think of the possibilities opening before you… With an accessory like that, you can easily accompanying a band onstage or play tie for money in the subway 🙂 Just wait for them to invent a guitar belt, backpack drums and earring microphones – and you’ll be wearing an entire rock band 🙂 Jokes aside, such a tie may come in rather handy when there is a tune sounding in your head and you need to ‘write it down.’ I encounter this problem all the time 🙂 Guess I do need this tie after all!


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