Hi world!

Hi world!

My name is Trisha and I’m here to make some new friends. I’m not really communicative – at least, not in the way most people understand this word. I’m not very good at running small talks, I don’t mix well at parties and I feel uncomfortable in crowds. But that doesn’t mean I mind cozy friendly conversations over a cup of tea, merry chitchat at the family table or even meaningful silence in a pleasant company  (there are actually not so many people who understand you without words). My hobbies are just as quiet and homely. I love reading, watching old movies, cooking deserts. But most of all, I love music. I teach piano at a music school and I’m totally happy with my job although some would say it isn’t the most lucrative one. I find great pleasure in discovering new sides and talents in my students, helping them realize their musical potential. Some of them quit before they even really get started, some rarely open their piano at all after graduating. But some continue playing and even make a career. One of my former charges now plays at Carnegie Hall. It’s good to know your job is not just about making money!

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